Musical Poetry & it’s history

The Art of Musical Poetry has been a journey that started eleven years ago; as I began studying in the Juan Morel Campos Institute here in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  During that time, I started to experiment with literature and the possibility in integrating music and literature. This process continued and flourished when I started studying in the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, as I pursued a Bachelor in Music Education.  Under the tutelage of Rubén Colon Tarrats, choral conductor, Mariacen Ondarra, Music Theory and Voice professor, and Mons. Abel Di Marco. I started to learn, master and adapt to the choral and choral conducting world. When I started my English Minor, I started to polish my grammar with Dr. Annie Montero and learned how to read intelligently with Dr. Mercedes Torres. It was with Dr. Torres, that I embarked on the journey in polishing and ebracing the idea that it is The Art of Musical Poetry.

During the Fall Semester of 2011, I enrolled on the ENGL 400: Creative Writing course, which was where I polished my skills as a writer. During this course Dr. Torres made me experiment with different genres whether it was reading or writing about certain topics, using Heather Sellers’: “The Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students”.  Using the different strategies: Energy, Images, Tension, Pattern and Insight, Dr. Torres made me go out of my comfort zone and pushed my boundaries to produce unique pieces.

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